The following links provide information that will explain various types of commercial trucking permits and routing available.


The requirements for permitting tractor-trailer combinations with trailers not longer than 53 feet:

  1. Combination vehicles longer than 75 feet require a single-trip permit.
  2. If traveling Route 4 from the New Hampshire line to the junction of Vermont Route 100 south provided the distance from the kingpin to the rearmost axle group is not greater than 41 feet. Trailers may not be longer than 53 feet except special use trailers.

Blanket Permit - Annual

A Blanket Permit is the written authorization granted by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for the movement of a vehicle or combination vehicle and its non-divisible load with prescribed limits of size and/or weight over State/Interstate highways.

Emergency Moves


For the purpose of these permits, an emergency is defined as follows:

"A calamity, existing or imminent, which requires immediate remedial action to protect life, property and the environment".  The fact a contractor or mover is being delayed in the execution of a job or contract or has a crew waiting for a piece of equipment is not sufficient justification for an emergency permit.

Farm Equipment Dealer Permits

The Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, or his/her representative, upon application, may issue annually to dealers in farm tractors or other farm implements, over width permits to transport or draw upon a highway such farm implements as are incidental to the conduct of such business.

Permitting Rules

Rules and Instructions Governing Overweight and Over Dimension Vehicle Permits.

Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Restrictions

On state highways, unless otherwise stated, permits will not be issued for the movement of loads in excess of one hundred eight thousand (108,000) pounds, or over twelve feet (12’0”) wide or over one hundred feet (100’) long on any Saturday, Sunday, or on the following legal holidays as observed in the State of Vermont:

Self Propelled Cranes

“Truck crane” is a motor truck equipped with a permanently mounted hoisting apparatus, winch, or derrick, designed for the moving of objects, with no provision for carrying a load on the body of such truck crane except equipment used for the operation of a hoisting apparatus, winch, or derrick.

Single Trip Permit

Single Trip Permits may be issued to cover a single trip within seven (7) working days of issuance.

Special Excess Weight Permits

Annual written authorization granted by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for the movement of a vehicle or combination vehicle and its divisible load up to specific weight limits over state highways.

US Route 4 Permit

Permits for US Route 4 from the New Hampshire state line to the junction of VT Route 100 South.

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

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