Vehicle Title

Vermont titles vehicles (including Motorboats, ATVs, and snowmobiles) that are 15 years old or newer based on the calendar year. For example: from January 1, 2019, through December 31, 2019, Vermont will title vehicles with the model year 2005 or newer.​

If you own the vehicle free and clear (no loan) the title will be mailed directly to you.

If you have a loan on the vehicle, the title will be mailed to the entity holding the loan (not the owner) within 3 weeks of the processing of your registration.

If the vehicle has more than one owner, you need to indicate Rights of Survivorship (see types of ownership for more information.)

If a vehicle is more than 25 years old, Vermont residents may apply for an exempt vehicle title.


The State of Vermont does NOT issue titles for the following:

  • Motorcycles with engine size smaller than 300 cc’s
  • Motor-driven cycles
  • Road-making appliances
  • Tractors with a loaded weight of 6,099 lbs. or less
  • Trailers with an empty weight of 1,500 lbs. or less


How to Obtain a Vermont Title

New Vehicle

For a new vehicle that was not previously registered/titled anywhere, please provide:

  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin properly assigned.
  • Bill of Sale may be required for Purchase & Use Tax purposes.
  • If the vehicle was manufactured in Canada, a New Vehicle Information Statement is necessary.
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement is required if the vehicle is 9 years old or newer.

Used Vehicle

For a used vehicle that was previously titled (see criteria), please provide:

  • Original previous Certificate of Title assigned to you by all parties on the title and bills of sale as necessary to show the complete chain of ownership. All liens must be released.
  • Death Certificates and/or probate papers are required when one or more persons are deceased.
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement is required if the vehicle is 9 years old or newer.

For a used vehicle that was NOT previously titled but is required to be titled in Vermont (see criteria), please provide:

  • Original or certified copy of the last Registration certificate and all Bills of Sale thereafter. Bills of Sale must contain sufficient information to identify the vehicle including Make, Year, VIN, Purchase Price, Mileage, Signature of Seller and Date of Sale.
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement is required if the vehicle is 9 years old or newer.


The following vehicles are exempt from titling.  However, these may be titled if the proper documentation and fees are submitted.

  1. "Road Making Appliances" are vehicles drawn by a separate motorized power unit, and designed for and used exclusively for building, repair, or maintenance of roads or highways or while being transported from job to job in connection with the building, repair or maintenance of roads or highways, except contractor's trailers. These vehicles as defined in law are listed below:
  • Pavement Heaters
  • Bulldozer
  • Scrapers
  • Rollers
  • Screening Plants
  • Graders
  • Spreaders
  • Pavers
  • Compressors
  • Excavator
  • Retreading Machines
  • Rock Crushers
  • Power Shovels
  • Rooters
  • Bucket Loaders
  • Snow Loaders
  • Steam Boilers
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Asphalt Reclaimers
  • Asphalt Scarifiers
  • Traffic Control Boards
  • Sweeper
  • Portable Electric Generators
  1. The following are also exempt but are not considered "Road Making Appliances".
  • Backhoe
  • Street Sweepers
  • Fork Lift
  • Skidder
  • Cement Mixer (trailer type)
  • Sidewalk Snow Plows
  • Euclid

The title to be changed must contain owner information that matches the owner information on the current vehicle registration. You must complete a registration application form (form #VD-119) providing an updated vehicle odometer reading and updated owner information. Each individual currently listed on the title must sign on the back of the title (as "sellers") and fill in the name of the "buyer(s)". If there are two owners you must indicate the relationship of the two owners.

See types of vehicle ownership for more information.

If the vehicle is more than 15 years old you may use the "bill of sale."

If the vehicle is 15 years old or less, you must obtain a replacement title.


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