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CDL Disqualification

In accordance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety (FMCSA) Regulation 49 CFR 383.51, the following is an example of convictions/adjudications that effect your Commercial Driver License status.

  1. A person required to have a CLP or CDL who is disqualified must not drive a CMV.
  2. An employer must not knowingly allow, require, permit, or authorize a driver who is disqualified to drive a CMV.
  3. A holder of a CLP or CDL is subject to disqualification sanctions designated in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section, if the holder drives a CMV or non-CMV and is convicted of the violations listed in those paragraphs.
  4. Determining first and subsequent violations. For purposes of determining first and subsequent violations of the offenses specified in this subpart, each conviction for any offense listed in Tables 1 through 4 to this section resulting from a separate incident, whether committed in a CMV or non-CMV, must be counted.
  5. The disqualification period must be in addition to any other previous periods of disqualification.
  6. Reinstatement after lifetime disqualification. A State may reinstate any driver disqualified for life for offenses described in paragraphs (b)(1) through (8) of this section (Table 1 to § 383.51) after 10 years, if that person has voluntarily entered and successfully completed an appropriate rehabilitation program approved by the State. Any person who has been reinstated in accordance with this provision and who is subsequently convicted of a disqualifying offense described in paragraphs (b)(1) through (8) of this section (Table 1 to § 383.51) must not be reinstated.
  7. A foreign commercial driver is subject to disqualification under this subpart.

Visit FMCSA website to see complete list of disqualifications.