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Forms & Manuals

Most forms can be filled in electronically using Adobe Reader.

Completed forms (including necessary fees) should be mailed unless otherwise specified.

Related Forms & Information
Title ID# Sort descending Description
Inspection Station Bulletin 24-2 Inspection_Station_Bulletin_24-2
2023 Act 41 TA Program Fact Sheet.pdf
Act 41
Total Abstinence Fact Sheet for Act 41
Act 41 Total Abstinence Program Changes
Act 41
Excerpt of ACT 41 from 2023 that made changes to the Total Abstinence Program
Rental Company License Application
To apply for a rental company license.
Rental Company Tax Report
To file a tax report by a rental company.
Rental Company Bond
To bond as a rental company.
Diesel Dealer License Application
Diesel Dealer License Application
Diesel Tax Refund Application
Diesel Tax Refund Application
Fuel Tax Application
Fuel Tax Application.
Fuel Tax Surety Bond
Fuel Tax Surety Bond
Fuel Tax Return Instructions
Instructions for Distributor Fuel Tax Return
Fuel Tax Return, Q1
CVO-102 Q1
Distributor Fuel Tax Return. Use this form only if filing for the first (1st) quarter of 2024.
Fuel Tax Return, Q2
CVO-102 Q2
Distributor Fuel Tax Return. Use this form only if filing for the second (2nd) quarter of 2023.
Fuel Tax Return, Q3
CVO-102 Q3
Distributor Fuel Tax Return. Use this form only if filing for the third (3rd) quarter of 2023.
Fuel Tax Return, Q4
CVO-102 Q4
Distributor Fuel Tax Return. Use this form only if filing for the fourth (4th) quarter of 2023.
Blanket Permit for Special Purpose Vehicles
Annual Permit for Well Drilling Rigs and Concrete Pump Trucks Only.
Engineering Survey
To apply for overweight or over-dimensional permit when the route needs to be surveyed.
Uniform Municipal Excess Weight Permit
Municipal excess weight permit for commercial vehicles.
Special Excess Weight Permit
To request permission to operate a specific or combination vehicle with an excess of accepted weight/dimension on designated routes.
Rules for Overweight Overdimension Permits
Rules and instructions governing overweight and over-dimension vehicle permits.
IFTA Motor Fuel Tax License Credentials and Decals
To apply for new, renewal and/or additions for Vermont Based International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and to use Motor Fuel Tax License Credentials and Decals.
Vermont Distributor Template
Online Distributor Fuel Tax Return Excel Upload
Crane Routing
A listing of roads and bridges for crane operators to plan routing.
Vermont Fuel Excel Guide
Online Distributor Fuel Tax Return Excel Upload Guide
Vermont Fuel XML Guide
Online Distributor Fuel Tax Return XML Upload Guide
Diesel Fuel Exemption Certificate Application
To apply for diesel fuel tax exemption.
ACH Instructions
Bring this guide with you when you set up your ACH credit account with your financial institution or payroll company.
Blanket Permit for Low Bed Trailers
Annual Permit for Low Bed Equipment Trailer. Previously known as VX-021.
Blanket Permit for Over Dimension/Over Weight Loads
Annual Blanket Permits are Issued for Non-Divisible, Over Dimension/Over Weight Loads that will expire with the vehicle's registration. Out of state applicants must include a copy of their current registration. Previously known as VX-002.
Oversize/Overdimension - Single Trip Permit
To apply for a single trip permit to operate a motor vehicle in excess of statutory weight or dimension limits.
Stinger Steered TRK & Twin Doubles Reasonable Access
To apply for reasonable access on Vermont State highways with stinger steered trucks and twin doubles.
IRP Schedule A/E
IRP Schedule A/E
IRP Schedule C/E
IRP Schedule C/E
IRP Application for Replacement Credentials
To request replacement plate or cab card registration for IRP vehicle.
A manual of Vermont Apportioned Registration Plan (IRP) & International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) information.
Need an Interpreter?
Need an Interpreter? Please point to your language poster.
Criminal Record Check
For review of suitability for employment, volunteer work, or licensing requirements.
Employee ID Card Application
State Employee ID card. Only available to Vermont State Employees (current or retired). Previously was known as VG-098.
IRS Form W-9
IRS Form W-9
Use Form W-9 to provide your correct Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to the person who is required to file an information return with the IRS to report, for example, the acquisition or abandonment of secured property.
2023 Inspection QR Law Enforcement Bulletin 23-1.pdf
LE 23-1
Law Enforcement Bulletin 23-1
Crash Report, Operator: Motor Vehicle
To report a crash as current or the last operator of a motor vehicle
Crash Report, Police: Snowmobile
For police to report a crash of a snowmobile
Crash Report, Operator: Motorboat
To report a crash as current or the last operator of a motorboat, boat or vessel.
Crash Report, Operator: ATV or Snowmobile
To report a crash as current or the last operator of a snowmobile or ATV.
Crash Report, Police: ATV
For police to report a crash of an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)
Legislative Plate Application
For use by Vermont Legislators to obtain a legislative plate.
Dealer Audit Card
Required as part of the dealer renewal process
Dealer Renewal Application
To renew dealer registration and plates.
Dealer Application
To apply for dealer registration and plates.
Transporter Application
To apply to become a vehicle transporter.
Dealer Renewal Packet
Dealer Renewal Packet - includes DMV forms VD-006, VD-007, VD-114 & VD-114a.
Dealer Appraisal Form
To apply for a lesser tax due at the time of registration when disagreeing with NADA value.
Replacement Plate Application
To apply for replacement plates when original plates have been lost, stolen, faded, or damaged.
Vanity Plate Application
For new registrations and to convert current plates over to a vanity/specialized plate
Plate Seizure Notification
To be completed by Law Enforcement upon seizure of license plates.
Checklist for New Dealers
A checklist for new dealers to assure they meet all requirements as a dealer.
Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (Homemade/Rebuilt)
To apply for a title for a homemade vehicle, trailer, motorboat, etc.
Intransit Plate/Permit Application
To apply for plate and permit to transport newly purchased vehicles within VT or for transporting from VT to another state.
Motorboat Application
To apply for registration as new, transfer, renew, or title only on a motorboat.
Motorboat Application Instructions
Instructions for registering a motorboat.
Snowmobile Registration & Title Application
To register a snowmobile as new, transfer, renew, or title only.
Snowmobile Registration & Title Application Instructions
Instructions for completing the Snowmobile Registration & Title Application.
Tax Exemption - Rental Vehicle
To apply for exemption from purchase and use tax at the time of registration for a rental vehicle
Lost/Replacement Registration
To make changes (address change, color change, etc) or replace a lost or stolen registration.
Building Bright Futures Plate
To convert a new registrations or your current plates over to a Building Bright Futures plate.
Vessel Validation
To apply for a Vessel Validation
Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
A statement of bond required for all licensed Vermont dealers.
Motor Vehicle Dealer Continual Bond
Motor Vehicle Dealer Continual Bond
Request for Vehicle Tax Refund
To apply for a refund on taxes previously paid on a vehicle recently registered for the first time in Vermont.
Registration/Tax/Title Application
To apply for registration and title (if applicable).

Use for new registration, transfer, renewal, title-only, adding or deleting an owner, lease buyout, and IRP.
Registration Application Instructions
Instructions for registration, tax, and title form VD-119.
Disabled Parking Placard Application
To request issuance of a permanent disabled parking placard.
Transporter Registration Information
Transporter requirements.
Dealer Vehicle Record
To record dealer vehicle exchanges and transactions completed by the dealer.
Disclosure (Amount to be Financed)
To record Vermont disclosure of the amount to be financed in a motor vehicle retail installment contract.
Safety/Service Organization Plates
To convert new registrations or current plates over to a Safety/Service Organization plate
Temporary Display of Vehicles
To apply for permission to display vehicles at a location other than the approved dealership for a period of 14 days or less.
Lease Excess Wear & Tear / Excess Mileage Tax
To document additional taxes collected as a result of excess wear and tear and/or excess mileage at the end of a motor vehicle lease contract.
Tax - Lease Extension
To submit additional purchase and use tax on a lease vehicle when an extension of the lease has been granted.
Purchase and Use Tax Computation - Leased Vehicle
To be used only by Licensed Vermont Car Dealers.
Next of Kin Family Plate
To request a next-of-kin family plate
Town Clerk Log Sheet
To record registration renewals by the town clerk with this log sheet.
Conservation Plate
To obtain deer, loon, or trout conservation plate. Use for new registration or converting an existing license plate.
Gold Star Family Plate
To request a Gold Star Family plate
Application to Create a New Safety or Service Organization License Plate
Used by an organization wishing to have a new special plate authorized for their membership
Applicant Authority to Release Information
To allow the DMV authority to perform a dealer license background check and release of information.
Zoning Compliance Certification
To indicate by the local zoning administrator or, in the absence thereof, the town clerk that the business is in compliance with the local zoning requirements whether building is owned or leased.
Low Number Plate
To convert new registrations or current plates over to a low number plate.
Low Number Plate (Family Specific)
To request a low plate number which previously belonged to a family member.
Release of Security Interest Complaint
For dealers to request assistance in obtaining title when the lienholder has not released the security interest and/or title.
Vermont License Plates
A listing of all Vermont license plate types with brief information on cost and requirements to obtain
Municipal Supply Order Form
To order DMV supplies by Town Clerks, Police Departments, or Driver Educators.
Dealer Supply Order
To order DMV stickers, forms, manuals, and other supplies by licensed Vermont Dealers.
Deaf Visor Card
Visor cards to help those who are deaf or hard of hearing when pulled over while driving.
DMV Record Request
To request records and documents including driving records, certified copies, police and individual crash reports, etc.
DPPA User Agreement
To request user access to certain records for the purpose of obtaining personal information. This form is typically used for frequent requesters.
DPPA User Agreement (Non-Standard)
To record and contract for billing the usage of a DPPA user.
Purchase & Use tax Exemption
Used for organizations wishing to become certified as exempt from P&U tax
Petition for Return of Seized Plates
To request return of plates seized by law enforcement by the registered owner of vehicle.
Certificate of Veteran Status
To apply for a Veterans plate and/or to have a Veterans designator added onto a VT license.
Self Insurance
To apply to be certified as self-insured.
Vermont Residency Certification - English
To use as proof of Vermont residency for applicants who are minors or applicants who are over the age of eighteen (18) and who reside with others.
Vermont Residency Certification - Arabic
لاستخدامه كدليل على إقامة فيرمونت للمتقدمين القصر أو المتقدمين الذين تزيد أعمارهم عن 18 عامًا والذين يقيمون مع آخرين. يحل محل شهادة الوالدين الإقامة.
laistikhdamih kadalil ealaa 'iiqamat firmunt lilmutaqadimin alqasr 'aw almutaqadimin aladhin tazid 'aemaruhum ean 18 eamana waladhin yuqimun mae akharina. yahilu mahala shahadat alwalidayn al'iiqamat.
Vermont Residency Certification - Bosnian Serbian Croatian
Da se koristi kao dokaz prebivališta u Vermontu za kandidate koji su maloljetni ili kandidate koji su strariji od 18 godina koji borave s drugima. Zamjenjuje izjavu o prebivalistu roditelja. VL-002
Vermont Residency Certification - Burmese
To use as proof of Vermont residency for applicants who are minors or applicants who are over the age of 18 who reside with others. Replaces Parental Residency Affidavit. VL-002
Vermont Residency Certification - Mandarin Chinese
用作未成年人申请人或年满十八 (18) 岁且与他人同住的申请人的佛蒙特州居住证明。

Yòng zuò wèi chéngnián rén shēnqǐng rén huò nián mǎn shíbā (18) suì qiě yǔ tārén tóng zhù de shēnqǐng rén de fúméngtè zhōu jūzhù zhèngmíng.

To use as proof of Vermont residency for applicants who are minors or applicants who are over the age of eighteen (18) and who reside with others.
Vermont Residency Certification - French
Á utiliser comme preuve de résidence au Vermont pour les requérants mineurs ou ceux qui ont plus de 18 ans mais qui résident avec d’autres. Remplace l’Attestation Parentale de Résidence. VL-002
Vermont Residency Certification - Nepali
To use as proof of Vermont residency for applicants who are minors or applicants who are over the age of 18 who reside with others. Replaces Parental Residency Affidavit. VL-002
Vermont Residency Certification - Dari
برای استفاده به عنوان مدرک اقامت ورمونت برای متقاضیانی که زیر سن قانونی هستند یا متقاضیان بالای 18 سال که با دیگران اقامت دارند. جایگزین سوگندنامه اقامت والدین می شود.
Vermont Residency Certification - Pashto
د ورمونټ د استوګنې د ثبوت په توګه کارول د هغو غوښتونکو لپاره چې کوچنيان دي یا هغه غوښتونکي چې عمرونه یې له 18 څخه ډیر وي چې د نورو سره اوسیږي. د مور او پلار د استوګنې هویت بدلوي.
Vermont Residency Certification - Kirundi
Gukoreshwa nk’icabona cuko uba I Vermont ku basaba ari abana bari munsi y’imyaka 18 canke abasaba barengeje imyaka 18 basanzwe babana n’abandi. Icemezo co gusimbuza aho umuvyeyi abaye. VL-002
Vermont Residency Certification - Russian
Использовать в качестве доказательства проживания в Вермонте для несовершеннолетних заявителей или заявителей старше восемнадцати (18) лет, проживающих с другими лицами.

Ispol'zovat' v kachestve dokazatel'stva prozhivaniya v Vermonte dlya nesovershennoletnikh zayaviteley ili zayaviteley starshe vosemnadtsati (18) let, prozhivayushchikh s drugimi litsami.

To use as proof of Vermont residency for applicants who are minors or applicants who are over the age of eighteen (18) and who reside with others.
Vermont Residency Certification - Somali
In loo isticmaalo cadeyn degenaanshaha Vermont ee codsadayaasha aan qaan gaarin ama codsadayaasha ka weyn 18 sano ee la nool dad kale. Waxay beddeleysaa Dhaarta Degenaanshaha Waalidka.
Vermont Residency Certification - Spanish
Para uso como prueba de residencia en Vermont de solicitantes que sean menores, o bien mayores de 18 años y residan con otros. Reemplaza la Declaración Jurada Parental de Residencia. VL-002 Spanish
Vermont Residency Certification - Swahili
Kutumia kama uthibitisho wa makaaji ya Vermont juya waombaji ambao ni watoto au waombaji ambao ni zaidi ya umri wa miaka 18 ambao wanaishi na wengine. Inachukua Nafasi ya Kiapo cha Makaaji ya Wazazi. VL-002
Vermont Residency Certification - Ukrainian
Використовувати як доказ місця проживання у Вермонті для неповнолітніх заявників або заявників віком від вісімнадцяти (18) років, які проживають з іншими.

Vykorystovuvaty yak dokaz mistsya prozhyvannya u Vermonti dlya nepovnolitnikh zayavnykiv abo zayavnykiv vikom vid visimnadtsyaty (18) rokiv, yaki prozhyvayutʹ z inshymy.

To use as proof of Vermont residency for applicants who are minors or applicants who are over the age of eighteen (18) and who reside with others.
License Comparison
A comparison of the various license types available in Vermont. This includes Enhanced Driver's License (EDL), Commercial Driver's License (CDL), Real ID & Driver's Privilege Card (DPC). It also includes a document checklist to determine what is required for each license type and a brief description of what each card type can and cannot be used for.
Non-Driver ID Application - English
To apply for a new, renewed, replaced, or enhanced Non-Driver Identification Card.
Non-Driver ID Application - Arabic
للتقدم بطلب للحصول على بطاقة هوية لغير السائقين جديدة أو مجددة أو بديلة أو محسنة.
liltaqadum bitalab lilhusul ealaa bitaqat huiat lighayr alssayiqin jadidatan 'aw mujadadat 'aw badilat 'aw muhsanat.
Non-Driver ID Application - Bosnian Serbian Croatian
Da bi aplicirali za novu, obnovu, zamjenu ili unapredjenu identifikacijsku karticu za nevozace. VL-017
Non-Driver ID Application - Burmese
To apply for a new, renew, replacement, or enhanced non-driver identification card. VL-017
Non-Driver ID Application - Mandarin Chinese

Shēnqǐng xīn de, gēngxīn de, gēnghuàn de huò zēngqiáng de fēi jiàshǐ yuán shēnfèn zhèng.

To apply for a new, renewed, replaced, or enhanced Non-Driver Identification Card.
Non-Driver ID Application - French
Pour demander une nouvelle carte d’identité non-conducteur, son renouvellement, ou son remplacement ou une carte d’identité non-conducteur « privilège ». VL-017
Non-Driver ID Application - Nepali
To apply for a new, renew, replacement, or enhanced non-driver identification card. VL-017
Non-Driver ID Application - Dari
برای کارت شناسایی غیرراننده جدید، تمدید، تعویض یا ارتقا یافته درخواست دهید.
Non-Driver ID Application - Pashto
د نوي، نوي شوي، بدل شوي، یا پرمختللي غیر چلونکي پیژندنې کارت لپاره غوښتنه وکړئ.
Non-Driver ID Application - Kirundi
Gusaba ikarata nshasha, uvugurura, usimbuza, canke ikarata idatanga uburenganzira bwo gutwaza imodoka. VL-017
Non-Driver ID Application - Russian
Подать заявку на получение новой, продленной, замененной или улучшенной удостоверения личности неводителя.

Podat' zayavku na polucheniye novoy, prodlennoy, zamenennoy ili uluchshennoy udostovereniya lichnosti nevoditelya.

To apply for a new, renewed, replaced, or enhanced Non-Driver Identification Card.
Non-Driver ID Application - Somali
Si aad u codsato cusub, cusboonaysiin, beddelaad ah, ama kaar aqoonsi aan darawal ahayn oo la wanaajiyey.
Non-Driver ID Application - Spanish
Para solicitar una tarjeta de identificación de no conductor nueva, renovada, de reemplazo o mejorada.
VL-017 Spanish
Non-Driver ID Application - Swahili
Kuomba kadi mpya, kuifanyaupya, ubadilishaji, au kitambulisho isiyo ya dereva iliyoboreshwa. VL-017
Non-Driver ID Application - Ukrainian
Щоб подати заявку на отримання нової, оновленої, заміненої чи покращеної ідентифікаційної картки неводія.

Shchob podaty zayavku na otrymannya novoyi, onovlenoyi, zaminenoyi chy pokrashchenoyi identyfikatsiynoyi kartky nevodiya.

To apply for a new, renewed, replaced, or enhanced Non-Driver Identification Card.
Enhanced License/ID Information
To view a complete list of required documents to obtain a Vermont Enhanced drivers license.
License/Permit Application - English
To apply for a new issuance or renewal of a Vermont license or permit (Non-CDL).
License/Permit Application - Arabic
للتقدم بطلب لإصدار أي ترخيص أو تصريح جديد أو تجديد من ولاية فيرمونت (غير CDL).
liltaqadum bitalab li'iisdar 'ayi tarkhis 'aw tasrih jadid 'aw tajdid min wilayat firmwnt (ghyr CDL).
License/Permit Application - Bosnian Serbian Croatian
Da bi aplicirali za izdavanje bilo koje nove ili obnovu Vermontske dozvole ili permita (Ne-CDL). VL-021
License/Permit Application - Burmese
To apply for the issuance of any new or renewal of a Vermont license or permit (Non-CDL). VL-021
License/Permit Application - Mandarin Chinese
申请佛蒙特州执照或许可证(非 CDL)的新签发或更新。

Shēnqǐng fúméngtè zhōu zhízhào huò xǔkě zhèng (fēi CDL) de xīn qiānfā huò gēngxīn.

To apply for a new issuance or renewal of a Vermont license or permit (Non-CDL).
License/Permit Application - French
Pour demander la délivrance ou le renouvellement de tout permis ou licence du Vermont (permis de conduire non-commercial). VL-021
License/Permit Application - Nepali
To apply for the issuance of any new or renewal of a Vermont license or permit (Non-CDL). VL-021
License/Permit Application - Dari
درخواست برای صدور هرگونه مجوز یا مجوز جدید یا تمدید ورمونت (غیر CDL).
License/Permit Application - Pashto
د ورمونټ جواز یا جواز (غیر CDL) د نوي یا نوي کولو لپاره غوښتنه کول.
License/Permit Application - Kirundi
Gusaba itangwa bushasha canke kuvugurura uruhusha rwo gutwaza imodoka I Vermont (Non-CDL). VL-021
License/Permit Application - Russian
Подать заявку на новую выдачу или продление лицензии или разрешения штата Вермонт (не CDL).

Podat' zayavku na novuyu vydachu ili prodleniye litsenzii ili razresheniya shtata Vermont (ne CDL).

To apply for a new issuance or renewal of a Vermont license or permit (Non-CDL).
License/Permit Application - Somali
Si aad u codsato soo saarida kaarka aqoonsiga gaari waditaanka cusub ama cusboonaysiinta rukhsadda Vermont ama rukhsad (Aan ahayn CDL). Aqonsiga lagu wado gaari yada waawayn.
License/Permit Application - Spanish
Solicitud de Licencia / Permiso | Para solicitar la emisión de cualquier licencia o permiso de Vermont nuevo/a o renovado/a (No CDL). VL-021 Spanish
License/Permit Application - Swahili
Kuomba kutolewa kwa leseni yoyote mpya au kufanyaupya ya leseni ya Vermont au kibali (Sio CDL). VL-021
License/Permit Application - Ukrainian
Щоб подати заявку на нову видачу або продовження ліцензії чи дозволу Вермонта (не-CDL).

Shchob podaty zayavku na novu vydachu abo prodovzhennya litsenziyi chy dozvolu Vermonta (ne-CDL).

To apply for a new issuance or renewal of a Vermont license or permit (Non-CDL).
Military License Extension
Explains Vermont law which grants active duty military, and their immediate family, stationed out of state an extension on their license.
Motorcycle Learner's Permit
To apply for a Motorcycle Learner's Permit as new, renewed, or replacement.
Commercial License/Permit Application
To apply for the issuance of any new, renewal, replacement or correction of any and all CDL licenses/permits/endorsements.
CDL Medical Certification
Federal Motor Carriers Safety (FMCSA) Regulations require all CDL holders to self-certify as to what type of driving they perform or expects to perform.
Foreign Exchange Parental Authorization
To allow permission by the parent of the foreign exchange student for the host parent to sign all documentation for the issuance of the learner permit or license.
Temporary Disabled Parking
To request issuance of a temporary disabled parking placard.
Replacement License
Used to make changes (name change, address change, etc), get a new picture, remove a restriction (eye glass) or to replace a lost or stolen license or learner permit. For CDL use form VL-031.
Farm Related Services Industries License
To apply for a farm related services industries license to use when operating a farm related vehicle.
Application for Military Test Waiver
Waiver of the Commercial Driver's License (CDL) skills or select knowledge tests for Vermont service members who are/were employed within the past year (12 months) in a military position requiring the operation of a military motor vehicle equivalent to a commercial motor vehicle (CMV).
Commercial Driver License Skills Test Scheduling Fee Receipt
To record receipt of the commercial driver license skills test deposit scheduling fee.
IID Manufacturer/Installer Certification
Application for Ignition Interlock Providers wishing to become certified to operate in Vermont
IID Device Certification
For manufacturers of Ignition Interlock Devices wishing to have a device certified for use in Vermont
RDL Application
Application to obtain or renew an Ignition Interlock Restricted License
Certification of Enrollment in an Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program
This form is for initial Ignition Interlock Device Restricted Driver’s License (RDL) applications only
IID Certification of Installation
Certification completed by the installer of the IID. Installer must be certified to provide ignition interlock device services in Vermont.
Ignition Interlock Participation Agreement
Agreement and commitment to fulfill the Ignition Interlock program requirements.
Ignition Interlock Program FAQs
Ignition Interlock Program FAQs
Ignition Interlock Breath Volume Waiver
To apply for a breath volume waiver for use of an IID.
School Bus Manual
Manual for school bus drivers.
DriveVT Instructions
Instructions for first-time login and printing of completion certificate to DriveVT - the Online Interactive Tutorial
Driver's License Manual
Driver's Manual includes everything needed for obtaining a learner permit. Also available in audio format or in an interactive online version -
Driver's License Manual - Spanish
El Manual del Conductor incluye todo lo necesario para obtener un permiso de aprendizaje. También disponible en formato de audio o en una versión interactiva en línea -
Motorcycle Manual
For people interested in obtaining a Motorcycle permit or license. Includes safety tips, rules & regulations.
Abandoned Vehicle Certification
To identify and notify the owner of an abandoned vehicle as required by law. If no owner can be identified, the DMV will issue a Certificate of Abandoned Motor Vehicle along with an appropriate title or salvage title. If seeking reimbursement for towing you are required to also submit a completed IRS W-9 form.
Motorcycle Skill Test
Motorcycle Skill Test Certification - complete for motorcycle skill test
Application for Appointment as an Official Inspection Station
To apply as an official inspection station.
Alteration Statement - Title/MCO
To record an error by the individual(s) who made the error on a title/mco during the signing over of ownership.
Window Tint Permit Application
To apply for a medical exemption from window tint regulations.
ATV Manual
All-Terrain vehicle rules and regulations
Off Road Conversion to Street Legal Motorcycle
Use for converting an off-road motorcycle for on-road use. This form must be completed by a licensed Vermont inspection mechanic.
Snowmobile Manual
Snowmobile rules and regulations
Mechanic Re-Certification
To apply for re-certification as an inspection mechanic.
Dealer Issued Plate Log
For Dealer Use Only
VREP Course Brochure
Informational brochure about the Vermont Rider Education Program
VREP Course Registration
Used for registering in the Vermont Rider Education Program (VREP), including the Basic RiderCourse, Scooter Basic RiderCourse, Experienced Rider Skills Plus Course, and Intermediate RiderCourse – License Waiver.
Driver Training School License Application
To apply as a driver training school license.
Standard Driver Training Instructor Application
To apply as a standard driver training instructor.
CDL Driver Training Instructor Application
To apply for CDL driver training instructor.
Schoolbus Clinic Notification
Used by Instructors to notify DMV of a new School Bus Clinic
VMAP Course Notification
Used by motorcycle training schools to notify DMV of a VMAP course
RiderCoach Candidate Application
for individuals interested in becoming certified to conduct the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic RiderCourse
Schoolbus Clinic Attendance
Used by Instructors to notify DMV of a School Bus Clinic attendance
Vehicle Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney for vehicle registration purposes.
Out of State Registration Certificate
This form is required when a Non-Vermont Resident wants to register a vehicle in Vermont.
Cargo Securement
Cargo Securement Information
CDL Flow Chart
Flow chart to determine what class of CDL is required
Do FMCSA Rules Apply to Me?
Do you think you know what a commercial motor vehicle looks like? Take this simple compliance indicator quiz to be sure.
Employment Certification
This affidavit may be used as proof of legitimate ties to Vermont, by non-residents who are contractually employed at a Vermont Business Entity.
CDL Manual
Commercial Driver's License manual
Periodic Inspection Manual
Vermont Periodic Inspection Manual
DMV Inspector Map
Map of regions served by DMV Inspectors along with contact information for each Inspector.
DMV Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Sectors
Map of sectors served by DMV Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) Officers, along with contact information.
Transporter Log
Transporter Log
Affidavit of Non-Licensure
Used when converting a license from out of state and the physical license is not available to surrender.
3-Wheel Motorcycle Course Waiver
Required for participation in any 3-wheel motorcycle VREP training courses. THIS IS A LEGAL RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER, AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE AGREEMENT. For the 2-wheel course, use DMV Form VN-149.
2-Wheel Motorcycle Course Waiver
Required for participation in any 2-wheel motorcycle VREP training courses. THIS IS A LEGAL RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER, AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE AGREEMENT. For the 3-wheel course, use DMV Form VN-148.
VREP Site Locations
Addresses and directions to Vermont Rider Education Program (VREP) training sites
Guide to Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in Vermont
This guide has been written based on Vermont laws and regulations. Since the Vermont legislature convenes every year in January, the information in this guide is subject to change. We have made every effort to ensure that the information in this guide is correct and up-to-date.
Temporary Plate Log
For Dealer Use Only
Street Rod Certification
To have a vehicle inspected and verified to be registered as a Street Rod
National Driver Register File Check
To request record from the National Driver Register (NDR) Record Checks by a current or prospective employer.
National Driver Register File Check - Individual
To request by an individual a National Driver Register (NDR) file check in accordance with the Federal Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-579).
Vermont Route 9 Chain up Law
Quick summary of law requiring use of tire chains on Vermont Route 9 during inclement weather
Inspection Mechanic Certification Application
To apply for a VT inspection mechanic.
Inspection Mechanic Certification Exam
To apply for Vermont inspection mechanic for cars/trucks.
Inspection Mechanic Certification Exam (School Buses)
To apply for Vermont inspection mechanic for school buses.
Inspection Mechanic Certification Exam (Motorcycle)
To apply for Vermont inspection mechanic for motorcycles.
Driving Practice Log Sheet
To record driving time and skills by a driver under the age of 18.
Demand for Arbitration Application
To request arbitration with instruction information.
Law Enforcement Request for Ignition Interlock Data
Used by Law Enforcement to request data on drivers required to use an Ignition Interlock Device.
Individual Light Permit Application
To apply for a permit on a personal owned vehicle that is equipped with a siren or colored light other than amber.
Light Permit, Fleet
To apply for light permits for municipalities, state, and volunteer fleet registered vehicles.
Lost or Unavailable Registration Certificate
To state your registration certificate is lost or unavailable when transferring your plates to a replacement vehicle.
Driver Eyesight Evaluation
To be completed upon DMV request and/or to have the eyeglass restriction removed from your Vermont drivers license.
Total Abstinence Non-Resident
Non-Resident’s Sworn Declaration and Application for Reinstatement through Abstinence from Alcohol and Drugs
Total Abstinence Reinstatement Application Packet
Packet of all forms required for application for reinstatement under Total Abstinence. Includes forms VS-070, VS-071, VS-072, VS-073, VS-074 & VS-075.
Request for DLS packet
To request information on a driver who was cited for driving with license suspended (DLS).
Medical Evaluation Report
To be completed by a licensed physician when applying for a permanent disabled parking placard, disabled plates, and/or when a medical form is requested by the department to be submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Driver Evaluation Recommendation
For use by Law Enforcement or police to request that a driver be re-evaluated for driving ability.
Request for a Hearing
Used to request an Administrative Hearing
Guidelines for Administrative Hearings
Guidelines for Administrative Hearings Held by the Vermont Agency of Transportation Hearings Section
Instructions for Telephone Hearing
Instructions for Telephone Administrative Hearings Held by the Vermont Agency of Transportation
Remote Hearing Guidelines
Procedures for remote hearings
Personal Appearance Hearings
Information on Personal Appearance Hearings
Assignment of VIN/HIN
To request a VIN/HIN be assigned when the vehicle has never had or no longer has a proper VIN/HIN number.
Replacement Title Application
To apply for a replacement Vermont title when the original title has been lost, stolen, destroyed, or is illegible.
Bill of Sale (BOS) & Odometer Disclosure Statement (ODS)
To transfer ownership of a motor vehicle and state current mileage. Odometer Disclosure Statement is required for vehicles model year 2011 or newer.
Transfer on Death
To add a transfer on death to a Vermont title
Lien Release
To release a lien on a existing Vermont title
Legal Name Notice
To notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of a change in your legal name.
Verification of VIN/HIN
To verify the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Hull Identification Number (HIN).
Affidavit of Repossession
To state a motor vehicle repossession by the lienholder.
Multiple Owners on Registration/Title Authorization
To indicate more than two (2) owners for the vehicle/vessel/ATV/Snowmobile as registered and/or titled owners.
Certification of Tax Exemption
To request exemption of tax because the tax was paid to another state, the vehicle was received as a gift, the vehicle is equipped with altered controls or a mechanical lifting device for a disabled person, or the vehicle was transferred from an individual or business to a business controlled by the transferor. Form VT-014 replaced VT-013, VT-029 & VD-050 in July of 2022.
Personal Delivery of Title
Personal Delivery of Title
Rebuilt/Salvage Title Application
To apply for a Rebuilt/Salvage Vermont title.
Title Informational Bulletin
A bulletin of Vermont Title laws and title information details.
Lien Add
To add or adjust a lien to an existing Vermont title.
Title Bond
To request issuance of a bonded title
Deceased Owner Informational Bulletin
Information about updating registration or title after the death of the owner. Includes Surviving Spouse Statement.
Authorization for Pay Off
To allow for payoff for Vermont insurance company and auto dealer to submit to lienholders to have lien released and title sent to them rather than the original owner when the vehicle is being traded in.
FMCSA Title VI Compliance
The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles’ Title VI Program Plan is prepared in accordance with 49 Code of Federal Regulation 21 and 49 Code of Federal Regulation Part 303. This plan provides interested individuals with specific information that explains the Department's Title VI Program Plan activities pertaining to organization and staffing, monitoring and review processes, complaint procedures, and Title VI Program Plan assurances.
Title VI Notice to the Public
Vermont DMV Title VI Notice to the Public, Beneficiaries & Participants.
Hearing Protocol
Hearing Protocol
Tips for Buying a Used Vehicle
Lemon Law 3 Times Out Claim
3-times-out repair history summary
Refund Worksheet for Leased Vehicle
Refund Worksheet for Purchased Vehicle
Lemon Law Filing Instructions
Motor vehicle arbitration (lemon law) instructions for filing
Lemon Law Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board Manufacturers Guide
Lemon Law Notice to Consumer
Motor vehicle arbitration (lemon law) notice to the consumer
Lemon Law 30 Day Claim
30-day repair history summary
Lemon Law Case Acceptance
motor vehicle arbitration (lemon law) case acceptance form
Lemon Law Enclosures Checklist
Order Transmittal Letter
Manufacturer Zone Offices
Lemon Law Manufacturer Answer
Lemon Law Stats FY2020 Detailed
Detailed Lemon Law Stats for the fiscal year 2020
Lemon Law Stats FY2021 Detailed
Detailed Lemon Law Stats for the fiscal year 2021
Lemon Law Brochure
Motor vehicle arbitration (lemon law) Brochure
Lemon Law Stats FY2022 Detailed
Detailed Lemon Law Stats for the fiscal year 2022
Lemon Law Stats FY2023 Detailed
Detailed Lemon Law Stats for the fiscal year 2023